Selling Your Home 101: The Front Door

by Stephanie Bilane, REALTOR®

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  When selling your home, this famous quote is so true, especially as the buyers approach your front door!  This area of your home is one of the most critical in peaking a buyer’s interest or, conversely, setting the tone for a poor showing.

Why is the front door so critical? On average, a Realtor® and their client can spend a full minute retrieving the key from the lock box. During that minute, the buyer has plenty of time to look around, subconsciously absorb details, and form their first opinion.  With that in mind, here are a 10 musts for your front door/porch area to make a favorable impression on prospective buyers:

  1. If the front door is drab, paint it.  If it is in poor repair, replace it.
  2. Replace the door’s hardware if it is old and tarnished.
  3. Update light fixtures if they are outdated, do not work, or in poor condition. Make sure all light bulbs are working.
  4. Make sure the front entry is swept and clear of dirt, debris, and spider webs.
  5. Clean the house siding in the front entry area.
  6. If there are windows or sidelights at the front door, CLEAN them (especially if you have a pet that dirties them).
  7. Make sure your door bell works.  If it is in poor repair, replace it.
  8. Complement the front door with a new door mat.
  9. Invest in a colorful flower pot to liven the area.  Make sure your plants are watered and flowers are thriving.
  10. Weed the flower beds adjacent to the front entry.  Add mulch if the front garden looks tired.

All too often, sellers invest time and energy in the inside of the home while ignoring the front entry.  Don’t make that mistake! With little investment, you can make a first impression that will no doubt assist in selling your home.  Use that one-minute while getting the key to your advantage and see it as opportunity to introduce your home on your terms!


“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  The quote has been attributed to both Oscar Wilde and to Will Rogers. But there is not any evidence of either of them saying it. The earliest use of the quote was noted in print in a 1966 Madison Avenue advertising slogan in an ad for Botany Suits.

Stephanie Bilane

With a career encompassing over 35 years in client service, Stephanie Bilane, Realtor® has been representing buyers and sellers with KW since 2011. Stephanie, together with her team, provides unparalleled attention to detail, a keen understanding of current market conditions, and judicious negotiation skills that combine to make the home sale process as effortless as possible.