The Bilane Team | Adapting to COVID-19

This past month has been a whirlwind for many industries. Real Estate is no exception. Since Governor Northam’s stay at home order went into effect, realtors have been able to continue doing business as long as it is in accordance with Executive Order 53.*

Under these guidelines, the Bilane Team has been conducting closings and showings, while also preparing new listings to come on line. To handle my contractual obligations, as well as assist my clients move forward with their home sale or purchase, the following is being implemented to mitigate the risk of exposure of COVID-19 to my clients and colleagues.


  • Abide by safe practices such as using masks and gloves. 
  • Limit touching of surfaces and time spent in a home as much as possible.
  • Research from home: my website is a great place to start your home search. All the tools you need are in one place. Explore communities. Query market data by zip code. Conduct advanced property searches. These and other useful features can be found at my newly updated site,
  • KW Mobile App: This app helps you instantly view properties as you drive through neighborhoods of interest. For instance, if you see a “For Sale” sign on a property, you can immediately access the listing using the KW app (without even typing in an address). If you are interested in the house, simply click on the little heart on top of the listing’s photo. That’s it!  It’s a great way to explore homes while keeping your social distance. Here is the link: As an added perk, enjoy a cup of coffee while driving through the neighborhoods. Download my app and I will send you a digital gift card from Starbucks!

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Top 4 Deal Killers for Homebuyers

Falling in love is exhilarating. It can also be a bit scary, especially when a home has captured your heart. What if something goes wrong and you end up not spending the rest of your life with this stack of brick and mortar you want?

No matter how careful you are, some deal killers are unavoidable. Others, however, are preventable, so pay heed if you hope to keep your deal alive.

1. Don’t Mess with Your Mortgage Preapproval
A common reason for a real estate deal to fall apart is that many homebuyers don’t fully understand the mortgage process. Sure, you may get a loan preapproval, but don’t think for one minute that this guarantees you will get the loan. It doesn’t.

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