Mom and Pop Shop Stop

by Stephanie Bilane, REALTOR®

On my list of favorite things: Discovering and frequenting local businesses.  It can be a cafe, a gift store, a farm stand, a jeweler… you get the picture. I love talking with owners and their customers and learn so much from connecting in a relaxed and purposeful way.

Local businesses shape the character of a neighborhood and help a community’s local economy in major ways. Word of mouth helps these businesses grow.  Therefore I plan to share my finds with you on Instagram and Facebook, so you can explore them too. Look for my Series: Mom & Pop Shop Stop. I hope you will have the opportunity to visit some of these establishments. Remember, it is the locally owned and operated businesses that help create the rich tapestry of our neighborhoods. In short —  they raise the value of your home. It’s a win-win.

Stephanie Bilane

With a career encompassing over 35 years in client service, Stephanie Bilane, Realtor® has been representing buyers and sellers with KW since 2011. Stephanie, together with her team, provides unparalleled attention to detail, a keen understanding of current market conditions, and judicious negotiation skills that combine to make the home sale process as effortless as possible.